Alyssa Tria
Alyssa Tria

The New Lip Colours I’m Rocking This Spring

I love spring! The beginning of any season is the perfect excuse to go shopping for new items. In order to avoid impulse buys, I’ve learned to go through my closet and throw out pieces I no longer love; then make a mental list of things I want and need (a.k.a. the greatest shopping tip from mom). Besides cleaning out my wardrobe, my vanity—along with the rest of my makeup collection—desperately needed organizing.

As I was sorting through my makeup, I realized that I own dozens of the same shade of dusty pink lipstick from different brands—seriously, ¾ of my lipsticks are dusty pink. I love my rosy-hued lippies, so throwing any of them out was simply not an option…at least not yet. But the message was clear: I needed to be more adventurous with my lip colours this spring.

So I left my comfort zone to try out some new colours. I sampled various shades. Some didn’t work with my complexion and some I just wasn’t emotionally ready for (if that makes any sense), but I did manage to find three amazing colours that I love.

Colour #1: Baci – Nude pink liquid lipstick


I was a little skeptical about nude lipsticks because it can be hard to find the right shade to match my skin tone, and I always end up looking so washed out. When I first applied Stila Liquid Lipstick in Baci on my lips I thought it was going to be game over, but once I allowed the liquid formula to settle, the pink tint began to peek through. With this colour, I’m not straying too far away from my usual pinks, and I also get that Kylie-nude lip vibe happening.

Colour #2: Berry Provocative – Purple lip gloss


I’ve always been a fan of darker lip colours, but going from pink to dark burgundy was too big of a leap for me, so wearing Esteé Lauder Pure Envy Sculpting Gloss in Berry Provocative is a great transition. The gloss can be worn with or without lipstick, but I prefer to wear it without. The dark purple shade is buildable and can look subtle or bold depending how much you apply.

Colour #3: Sun-kissed – Orange lipstick


Nothing says springtime like orange! This orangey coral lipstick from Paul & Joe was the farthest from my comfort zone, but surprisingly it was the shade I loved the most! Not only do I love this hue, but the lipstick case is to die for.