Pia Unlayao
Pia Unlayao

Here’s why I’m wearing blue eyeliner every day

Azure, indigo, cobalt, Tiffany—there is no such thing as an ugly blue. There are even three different shades of blue that will be trending this spring according to the Pantone Fashion Colour report for 2016 (Snorkel Blue, Serenity and Limpet shell are the chosen hues). Having brown eyes, I have always envied women with blue eyes because of how they pop.


My Yves-Saint-Laurent 3-in-1 eyeliner lets me play up my chocolate brown eyes by adding a touch of blue. My favourite way to wear the vibrant pigment is to lay it on thick in the form of a classic cat-eye. This gives me enough colour to create a unique look without going over the top with colour. I can wear this every day and it’s easy to do when you’re rushing in the morning since your lines don’t have to be perfect.

If I’m aiming for a more dramatic look, I smoke out the eyeliner and add a mauve or brown shadow. This 3-in-1 stick can be worn as an eye shadow, kohl or an eyeliner. The key to successfully wearing a blue liner for an every day look is to make sure your lip is not a bold colour—try a sheer pink or a light nude, it’ll balance out the colour on your face. Voila!