Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

The Selfie Hack I Learned from Karine Vanasse

Karine Vanasse is not just physically beautiful, but super sweet and hilariously funny too. I met her when she was in Toronto promoting her new TV show, Cardinal (Wednesday nights at 10 on CTV). The Montreal native plays Detective Lise Delorme in a six-part crime drama based on the book Forty Words for Sorrow. As the spokesperson for Marcelle, it’s safe to say Karine is as obsessed with makeup as we are. Take note of the bold lip choices on her Instagram page. There, you’ll also note, she is killing the selfie game. So I asked her to share her secrets.

I figured she’d talk about makeup coverage, lighting and finding your best side. But instead we talk about mirrors. “You use a mirror to take the photo,” she says. “You choose an angle so you don’t see the arm [with the phone]. I find that when the light reflects off the mirror, your face looks better.” She pretends to hold up a phone at arm’s length from her face and says, “It’s not like this.” Instead, she brings the pretend phone down a bit and points it at a pretend mirror. She tells me that she takes the photo of the mirror and not her face. “It makes the photo look better.” Because of the composition, it doesn’t look like a selfie, but a more polished photo.

“I really like Instagram,” says Karine. “I find it very inspiring for tips on decor and beauty, and there are even inspirational words. I see images that stay with me all day. It’s really a community.”