Acacia Slingerland
Acacia Slingerland

The Four Pretty Ways I’m Wearing Glitter

Glitter for grown-ups is having a moment. From gold disco lids at Creatures of the Wind to technicolour liner at Giamba, spring runways were filled with all things shiny. I’m a sparkle fanatic and have always loved upping my makeup game with extra glitz whenever I can, so here are a few of my favourite (and super easy) ways to get my glitter on while keeping the mess to a minimum!

Glitter Liner

This is the easiest way to add a little oomph to your makeup look. It’s especially great if you’re new to using glitter or need something fast and easy. I like to start with a regular winged liner first because it creates a good base to build on. Use whatever colour liquid liner that best matches your sparkle of choice. I used Stila Stay-All-Day Liquid Liner in black because it complemented the silver I was using.

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Once you’ve drawn your wing, take your liner of choice—I used Annabelle Glitterama liquid eyeliner in Plutonium—and layer it directly overtop. Wait for the glitter to dry between layers, then apply mascara and you’re done! Tip: Around your eyes it’s best to use actual glitter makeup and not craft store glitter as it can scratch your eyes (not fun).

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All Over Glitter

Start this makeup look with a bare face as it makes it much easier to sweep up any glitter fallout. Have tape handy as well, it will be your best friend for clean up. Apply a transition eyeshadow colour in your crease, whatever best suits your choice of glitter. Using a synthetic brush or your fingers, apply a matching cream eyeshadow all over your lid, blending into your crease but not any higher. Lise Watier has a Duo Shadow and Glitter which are perfect for this look—I used Plum Star.


While the cream is still setting, use your fingers to press your glitter all over your lid. Smudge a little cream shadow along your lower lash line to balance your eyes, apply mascara and/or liner, and your eyes are good to go. To clean up fall out, take a piece of tape and roll it onto itself so it has the sticky side out all around. Then press and roll it over anywhere the glitter has fallen.


Under Eye Glitter

This is my favourite way to wear glitter. It’s easy and it helps draw attention away from my dark circles (what more could you want?). Start with the rest of your makeup done including your eye makeup as glitter fallout is part of the look with this one. I keep my lids simple with a shimmery shadow all over and a bit of eyeliner smudged into my lashline. I also applied NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk to my waterline, just to open my eyes up a bit more. Take a glitter liner (I used Lise Watier Glitter Liner in Opal), and feather it outwards from the eye. Use your finger to press a loose glitter into the wet liner, I used the top half of Opal.


Let the glitter fall where it will under your eyes, but use a little tape to clean it up if it lands on your nose or chin. Glitter nose is not cute. Voila! Who needs concealer when you can just use glitter?


Glitter Roots

If you’ve ever seen glitter roots while browsing Pinterest and thought you could never wear it, trust me, you can. When I did this, I got a crazy amount of compliments! It’s a little bit messy, but worth it, because you will feel like a sparkly unicorn.


Part your hair either in the middle or to the side, however you normally would. I prefer to put my hair up into buns for this, but you could leave it down.


Apply long strips of tape about 2 cm from your part. This keeps the glitter from going all over the top of your head.


Using a good strong hairspray, coat your part completely to create a base for the glitter. I used L’Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray. For your hair, it’s safe to use whatever craft store glitter you want.


Sprinkle the glitter all over your part, dispersing it evenly then set with one final loooong spray. You want it to be really glued in there so you’re not flaking glitter throughout the day. Remove the tape, and sparkle on!