Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch

The Three Essential Makeup Brushes You Really Need

#Beautytruth: You can have all the beautiful limited edition palettes and fancy foundations you want, but without the right brushes to apply them, what’s the point? I’m a bit of a collector of brushes myself (I probably own over a hundred), and I really do love each one of them dearly. But I have to admit there are a few that I reach for more than others (like, a lot more). If push came to shove and I had to use only three brushes for the rest of my life, I would hands down pick this trio, since each one is multi-use.

Pür Contour Blending Brush
This do-it-all brush has earned MVB (most valuable brush) status in my kit. It’s the perfect size for my face and the bristles are densely packed so it’s great for buffing. I have large pores, so I need my foundation brush to buff, not drag across my skin to help fill in any textured spots. I use this on the daily for foundation, but also for blush, contour and sometimes even highlighter. It’s basically the one and only brush you need to do up your whole face. Added bonus: The synthetic fibres make it super easy to clean, so I can use it with all types of products (liquid, cream, powder, you name it).

Lise Watier Precision Eyeliner Brush
Let’s be real: If you’re a fan of gel eyeliners, you need a stellar application brush. While many prefer using an angle brush, I’m a fan of a fine-tipped one as it gives me more control. This one has a really narrow tip, allowing me to easily draw on the inner corner of my eye and under my eye. Since this brush is great for detail, I’ll often use it with brow gels and powders as it allows me to draw fine hair-like strokes in my brows. I’m also not against using it to de-clump mascara if I’m in a pinch.

Quo Crease Shadow Brush
Seriously, is there anything I can’t do with this little wonder? So obviously you can use it for its main purpose, blending eyeshadows, but this brush isn’t a one-trick pony. I love using it to blend concealer under my eyes as the fluffy tip gives my skin an almost airbrushed finish and it’s also a great choice for highlighter if you want a more targeted application on your brow bone, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. If my pores need a little extra coverage, I will grab this brush to buff a translucent powder through my T-zone, as its size is perfect for manoeuvring around the nose and chin.

Those are my top picks, but what are your favourite brushes that you can’t live without?