Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch

The Prettiest (and Most Flattering) Way to Wear Pink Eyeshadow

Let’s be real: For a colour that’s so pretty, pink eyeshadow isn’t the easiest to wear. I chatted with beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart manager Laura Finney to show me how to rock the shade without looking like I’d just watched The Notebook.

Step 1: Apply an eyeshadow primer all over your eyelids to even out your skin tone and cancel out any redness.



Step 2: Using a fluffy blending brush, apply a neutral matte eyeshadow on your lids. This will help make your pink eyeshadow last longer and give the hue more pop.



Step 3: Layer your pink shadow over top with a dense eyeshadow brush and blend. Finish off with a few coats of volumizing mascara.


Here are a few additional tips Finney gave me for wearing pink eyeshadow:

Prep your canvas: Clean, neutral skin is the key to pulling off pink. “Make sure you even out your skin if you have any redness,” says Finney. To neutralize any discolouration around your eyes, try an illuminating concealer on your top and bottom lids.

Go matchy-matchy: Pair your rosy lids with a soft pink or rosy bronzer on your cheeks and a deep pink pout. “Keep [your other makeup] soft and pretty.”

Pick your pink: “Warmer skin tones should wear a rosy hue and cooler skin tones should opt for a pale pink,” says Finney. “It’s just more flattering.”

Texture is everything: “Avoid a shimmery pink,” says Finney. It can make eyes look sore and tired-looking. Stick with a creamy matte shade instead.

Location, location, location: Applying pink either all over your top lid or blended through the centre works best, recommends Finney. Steer clear of wearing it on your lower lash line as it can highlight redness around the eye.