Courtney Kelly
Courtney Kelly

I Tried Khloe Kardashian’s Blue Eyeliner

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and saw a picture of Khloe Kardashian that instantly captivated me. She was dressed in a royal blue sequined tracksuit and wore matching winged eye liner. The amazing Joyce Bonelli was the artist behind it. She has been creating killer looks on the Kardashians for years now and is their go-to makeup artist. I decided to recreate the look myself, using the following products:

  • Essence Bronze palette
  • Rimmel Colour Precise Liner in Blue
  • Pixi Large Lash Mascara
  • Quo False Lashes in #806

Step One: I used the lightest shade in the palette to highlight my brow bone. This gives the illusion of a lifted arch.

Step Two: I then used the copper shade on a fluffy blending brush and focused on the crease. The trick to seamless blending is to use windshield wiper motions. I wanted to keep it simple so the eyeliner really stood out.

Step Three: I applied the shimmery champagne colour all over my lower lid. I also used this colour in the inner corner of my eyes to make them appear larger and more wide awake.

Step Four: I used the Rimmel liner to create my dramatic cat eye. It worked perfectly: The felt tip made the application very easy. This can be tricky, and my advice is to take your time. A steady hand will be your best friend. The easiest way to create a cat eye is to flick out the outer corner first and then connect everything.

Step Five: I then coated my lashes with Pixi mascara. I like to use mascara before applying false lashes because it blends the natural lash seamlessly with the false lash.

Step Six: I added the Quo false lashes. I love wearing them because they create glamour without being over the top. False lashes are a great way to add spice to any makeup look.

You might need to be a Kardashian to pull off a royal blue sequined tracksuit, but anyone can pull off a royal blue cat eye. Try something new and spice up a classic makeup trend with a pop of colour!

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