Courtney Kelly
Courtney Kelly

How to Turn Heads with Glitter Lips

Watching the VMAs last summer, I did a double take when I saw Naomi Campbell’s bedazzled lips. They captivated me, making me think of Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz (my favourite movie). I instantly went on social media to see the details of her perfect pout and find out who was behind this creation. I wasn’t surprised to learn that it was the makeup queen herself, Pat McGrath.

Ever since, I have been seeing glitter lips on the runways, on the streets and all over social media. I decided to try the trend for myself by using affordable products that I found at the drugstore.


These are the products I used:

  • Essence Lip Liner in Red Blush
  • Gosh Lipstick in 005 matt Classic Red
  • Nyx Glitter in White Opal


Step One: I outlined and coloured in my whole lip using the Essence lip liner. I decided to overdraw my lips to add volume.

Step Two: I applied Gosh lipstick in Classic Red. I was thinking about using a liquid lipstick but decided something creamier would be better, as it allows the glitter to stick to your lips without glue.

Step Three: I dipped a small eyeshadow brush into the glitter and applied it to my lips. If you already have your face makeup done, place a tissue under your lip to keep the glitter from falling onto your face. If you haven’t done your face makeup yet, you can just clean it up with makeup remover. It is important to tap off the excess glitter before applying it to your lip. I did two coats of glitter and it stayed on all day!


Follow these simple steps to achieve a captivating party look that will make people stare.