Rebecca Pilozo
Rebecca Pilozo

Beauty Hack: Where You Really Need to Be Applying Concealer

Concealer is an absolute essential in my makeup bag. Sure, I use it underneath my eyes and to cover up blemishes, but I’ve also discovered many different ways to use the high-coverage complexion miracle worker. Playing around with different shades of concealer, using different tools and the right technique, can totally enhance your look. Here are a few different ways to use your concealer.

Concealer Hack 03

  1. To clean up your brows

Brows feeling a little untamed? Simply clean them up with a brighter shade of the concealer of your choice where you want your fuzzies (those small stray hairs) to disappear. Use a clean flat brush to get the most coverage and lightly press to blend. Remember not to choose a shade that’s too light, though! Try and stick with a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone for a soft, natural look.

Concealer Hack 05

  1. Add more coverage to your complexion

If you don’t want to wear foundation everywhere, or simply want more coverage, extend your concealer beyond your eyes. Apply it in a triangle shape to create more coverage for an extended long wear. It doesn’t have to feel heavy with the right technique. Use Quo’s Blending Sponge to blend it out so you’re not left with a heavy look.

Concealer Hack 06

  1. Sharpen your contour

I love how chiselled my cheeks look after I contour, and for a night out I like them to pop even more. Applying a small amount of a brighter concealer under your cheekbones will subtly accentuate them. I love using Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer, as it blends flawlessly with my foundation.

Concealer Hack 08

  1. Define your lips

A bold pout is a beautiful statement. To really make your lips stand out, apply concealer around the edge of your lip line for a clean, crisp pucker that’s naturally highlighted. You can also use concealer to help clean up any messy edges around your lips.

Those are just a few of my favourite ways to use concealer. How do you love using it in your makeup routine?