Amil Niazi
Amil Niazi

Why I’m ditching traditional lipstick

Liquid matte lipsticks are FINALLY having a moment and I am here to tell you you need to jump on this bandwagon ASAP. Before you roll your eyes at hopping on to a new fad just cause it’s new – these lippies aren’t exactly fresh to the beauty world, but the latest formulations are much better than the old tubes you’re used to using. I know because I too used to fear the sticky, gooey, DRYING mess that a liquid matte used to be. But I have now almost completely abandoned my old classic stand up tubes for the gooey to matte variation. What’s so good about this versus traditional lipstick? For me it’s as easy as 1,2,3.
1. Better pigmentation
The colour variety you get with liquid mattes is way more intense – a deep red is truly a deep red rather than a pale facsimile of what you see in the tube. The matte finish helps keep vibrant shades vibrant and I love the shade variety!
2. Longer lasting
These formulas DO.NOT.MOVE. Which for me is a good thing. I work all day, I eat weird things, I forget I have makeup on and I do not want to think about running to the washroom to reapply every hour.
3. Money Money Money
My favourite versions are CHEAP! NYX has a wide variety of colours and finishes and they’re all $10 or less. Hate your lipstick in the morning? Pop into a Shoppers on your lunch break and for less than an overpriced salad you can have a new look by noon.
Right now I’m loving light purples and deep reds/almost blacks. You?