Daniel Mackinnon
Daniel Mackinnon

How I Got Down and Dirty with Old Spice

Recently I was in Northern Kentucky to attend the Tough Mudder event. Haven’t heard of Tough Mudder? Here’s the lowdown: It’s basically a team obstacle course set across several kilometres where teams hurdle through a variety of crazy, challenging stations filled with mud, dirt, water and grime. Sound like fun? It kinda is.

The first thing you need to realize is this is not a race, it’s a challenge for yourself. Of course there will be those who complete this well before you do…but that’s OK. The goal here is to finish, not to finish first. You might also think you need to be some sort of gym-bunny-demi-god with abs of steel in order to pull this off…again, not true. It was empowering to see people of all ages and sizes participating—and yes they all finished the course. A critical part of finishing the challenge is being able to rely on the help of others. Most of the obstacles can only be completed by a group. The Block Ness Monster is one example. Here you have to help each other, pushing and pulling through wet, muddy rotating barriers. It’s super rewarding to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and achieve something you might not have thought possible.

Now imagine you just spent hours in the hot sun, completing this challenge. You’re caked in mud, grime and sweat…feels awesome, right? But you know what feels even more awesome? Cleaning up! Lucky for all of us, one of the biggest fans cheering everyone along was Old Spice. Their new, hardest working collection will help you clean up and smell amazing.

Speaking of lucky, I got a chance to sit down and chat face to face with Isaiah Mustafa about what it’s like to be involved with Old Spice and Tough Mudder.

DM: What does it feel like to be associated with an iconic brand like Old Spice
IM: I really enjoy these events. It’s amazing to be able to get out [and meet] people. Also having a lifetime supply of Old Spice product is really fun. Old Spice is such a fun brand.

DM: What do you think it takes to be an Old Spice man?
IM: I’d definitely say patience. When you’re younger you’re in a rush to do everything. As you get older you realize if you sit back things kind of happen. You can navigate the waters easier and watch things evolve.

DM: Can you talk about your man care routine? Do you have any grooming advice that you would give a guy?
IM: Whatever you do you gotta be consistent. For me, it’s pretty simple…I wash my face and brush my teeth every night. Some men are a bit archaic and don’t want to have a grooming routine, but it’s just a matter of consistency and it works.

DM: Can you think of any great advice or wisdom that’s been passed along to you?
IM: Yes, my high school sociology teacher told me not to be afraid to take calculated risks in life. Don’t do something dangerous, but definitely take risks as that’s the only way you’re going to push the envelope and find out what you’re made of and what you can accomplish.