Alyssa Tria
Alyssa Tria

How I became an instant nail artist with these tools

Confessions of a sloppy painter: I’m not ashamed to admit this, but in the past my nail looks have been pretty boring and usually bare.

Thinking back to my previous nail art attempts, as much I wanted to rock cool designs, my gut— along with my limited time and patience—were telling me otherwise.

Seriously, my attempts were major fails. Even the easiest of nail art was challenging for me; I’m talking tacky textures, thick finishes and lots of smudging. But all that changed once I started to use the proper nail art tools. I’m ditching the glue and tape and I’m sticking with the Quo by Orly Artist Tools.

The Artist Tools pack comes with a detailing brush and a dotting tool. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me, they’re all you need to become an instant nail art pro.

My perfect dots ☺️•• • #nailart #diy

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The detailing brush is great for someone who has tiny fingers, like myself, to maintain a mess-free mani. It’s ideal for creating sharp lines and painting on cute graphics. If that sounds a little intimidating and you’d rather use something that requires less coordination, then you’ll love the dotting tool. It’s great for…dots, of course! But the most precise dots, I may add. I love it for creating minimalist nail looks (like Mishal’s polka dot mani seen here)!

Since using these tools, I’ve been experimenting with multiple colours and designs (see below) and my hand for painting my own nails has been improving. Goodbye boring nails!

Back at it again with the DIY nails

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The best part about nail art is being able to personalize your looks, and we want to see your nails! Follow and tag us on Instagram with #glownailart to share your nail art styles!