Sarah Macfarlane
Sarah Macfarlane

The Nail Art That Will Complete Your Summer Festival Look

Okay, so I’ve dusted off my high-waist denim, floral shirts, leather chokers and strappy sandals for festival season… but what about the finishing touches? I’m already broke after buying the concert tickets, so here’s how I do and at-home manicure on the cheap.

Step One:
Revlon: Quick Dry Base Coat. I know it takes up more time, but my nails love me for it. You know how you (sometimes) take the stairs for your health? Well, I use a base coat for my nail health!


Step Two:
Two coats of essie White Page. Any flat white will work but I try to avoid white polishes with sparkly undertones as they don’t create the smooth surface I will need for the rest of the manicure.


Step Three:
Let the polish dry! The white coat has to be nice and dry before I move on to the watercolour art, so you can find me watching The Mindy Project until then.

Step Four:
Tape out a geometric shape of choice. I used triangles for this look because I think it makes my nails look even longer than they are. Any kind of tape works from green painters tape, Scotch tape to French manicure strips, as long as it is firmly pressed on the nail.


Step Five:
Light colours from various brands works, but Essie has made it easy for all of us and sells “silk water colour kits” with three polishes AND a white included. The key here is to not use a lot of the colour on the brush. Next, I get to bring out my inner kindergarten kid and blob. That’s right, blob the polish. There is no right way to do this, just create coverage within the taped out shape using all three colours.


Step Six:
I make sure to remember to remove the tape as soon as I am done. Seriously, do not let the polish dry and wait to take the tape off; it will turn into a sticky mess.


Step Seven:
Top coat. The Essie gel top coat will allow me to fist pump my way through festival weekend.


Products Used:
1. Essie silk watercolor kit
2. Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat
3. Quo Nail File
4. Sally Hansen French Manicure Strips
5. Essie Gel-Setter