Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller

A Case for Neutral Nails This Winter

As mesmerizing as succulent nails, negative-space and shattered-glass manis can be, we may have reached peak nail art.

The resulting pendulum swing has led us to a place where less is more, and that goes for nail colour too. Where I’d usually grab a deep burgundy, a classic red or an aubergine come December, now I’m all about the neutral nail. To be clear, that doesn’t mean a totally naked nail bed, and it still requires maintenance, especially giving your cuticles a decent amount of TLC. But the confidence to go for a more subtle shade that looks clean and unfussy, elongates the fingers and goes. with. everything. is undeniable. Here are my top 3 picks for staying neutral this season.


I love the Sarah Moon for Nars collection, based on Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi classic Metropolis, and my first choice is La Dame en Blanc, a high-gloss polish that dries to a shiny beige finish.


Nail maven Deborah Lippmann’s option in the subdued category is, fittingly, called Naked and goes on quite sheer, so at least two coats are recommended.


And mani mainstay Essie’s Between the Seats boasts a slightly pinky-lavender undertone for the girl who can’t live without a little colour.