Nicole Keen
Nicole Keen

The super-easy way I’m getting my nails in the holiday spirit

I definitely have magpie tendencies (anything shiny or sparkly is sure to catch my eye), so it should come as no surprise that glittery nail polish and I have a long history. I’ve always loved the idea of it (and by always, I mean since the age of 10 or so), but the reality often fell short of my expectations: the glitter was usually too sparse, I would have to apply a dozen coats to get any kind of true sparkle happening, and let’s not even talk about the removal process (that sticky stuff was a straight-up nightmare to get off my nails). But, thankfully, the times—and the glitter polishes—have changed.

The latest crop of twinkly topcoats provide satisfying coverage with just one coat, and they will easily transform your favourite red nail polish from classic to party ready! I tried out four glitter topcoats and found it hard to pick a favourite. (Bonus: they all look rather nice together on one hand!). This will definitely by my new go-to mani for the holidays.

  1. Essie’s “Sparkle on Top” contains big chunks of rectangular glitter that create a holographic confetti effect on your nails—it’s very Frozen-inspired.
  2. Misslyn’s Effect Topcoat in “It Girl” definitely provides the most glitter per square inch thanks to a combination of small glitter and round mini sequins.
  3. Essence’s “Space Queen” gel polish provides a serious dose of sparkle thanks to iridescent glitter in pretty pastel hues. This is definitely the most traditional glitter polish of the group.
  4. Chanel’s Le Top Coat Lamé in Rouge Noir is the most subtle of the bunch, and the effect it creates is more of an elegant speckled shimmer with some texture.

Pair your new and improved nails with a festive sequin top and you’re ready to hit the holiday party circuit!