Alyssa Tria
Alyssa Tria

My Top Polish Picks for Nailing the Mirror Nails Look

Mirror, mirror on my nails? Yup, you got that right. Mirror nails are definitely having a moment RN. Ever since Gigi Hadid rocked her $2,000 mirror nails mani at the 2016 Met Gala (see below), these chrome nails have been trending. And we both know that a trend isn’t a really a trend until it’s Gigi-approved. Seriously tho, this nail inspo is all over Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. This manicure is blowing my nail-obsessed mind, and since it’s a look that’s hard to miss, I couldn’t resist putting this trend on trial. I am a-couple-of-thousands-and-a-few-crystals short for Gigi’s custom manicure, so I’ve trusted these polishes to give my nails the same futuristic vibes, along with all the feels.


Buffalo Nickel – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
The to key nailing (pun intended) a chrome-coloured mani is to achieve that super shiny and smooth finish. So buff up, girls! The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Gel Top Coat seriously makes tackling this trend a breeze. Being crazy pigmented, Buffalo Nickel barely needed two applications before using a gel top coat. Best part: I got Shellac-quality nails at home. This metallic silver really resembles to the shine of Gigi’s mirror nails.


LAX – Quo by Orly Color Amp’d
To take the futuristic vibes to the next level, LAX is a definite must. To be honest, I underestimated this metallic gun metal polish because on its own it wore a little bit sheer and I had to apply more than two layers to build coverage. So to avoid unwanted bumps and build-up, I used a black polish as a base to really let this gun metal shade shine. This dark mirror nails look really gives this trend a more sleek and modern twist; ideal if your personal style is more minimal and monochromatic. I can’t wait for the fall to rock this mani with an all-black-everything outfit.


Penny Talk – Essie
If you think mirror nails polishes only come in silver and grey, think again! Chrome polishes come in various metallic shades. I’m absolutely loving the coppery Penny Talk by Essie. Compared to the other polishes I tested, this one has the most mirror-like finish, even without a top coat. But don’t get it twisted – I used a top coat to seal the polish and give it extra shine. Although it’s a completely different colour than Gigi used for her mirror nails, this polish is the best dupe. And if you’re all about the silver, Essie offers a silver mirror nail polish with No Place Like Chrome, which has been raved about all over the Internet. Me? I’m sticking with Penny Talk.