Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Wedding Facial

You know that next-level glow that brides have? Well a big chunk of that radiance is often thanks to a stellar facial right before the big day (and coming from a former MUA who’s glammed up tons of brides, the other part of their glow just comes from being a beaming, happy bride). If you’re getting married soon, you probably have the same questions I had about getting a facial. When is the best time to do it? What kind of treatment should I get? What should I avoid getting? Those are just a few of the qs that ran through my head. So I decided to head to the Clarins My Blend Spa in Toronto to get to the bottom of the wedding facial mystery. I spent my morning getting primped and pampered in the insanely beautiful and relaxing space (it’s a tough job but somebody had to do it!), immensely enjoyed a My Blend Intense Moisture Facial and then sat down with Yoko my esthetician to pick her brain on all things wedding skin. Here are the need-to-know tips and tricks she gave me to boost your bridal glow.

Get Your Facial Routine Down Pat Months in Advance
When it comes to facials, trying something new is not always the best plan of action. Instead, you want to stick to the tried-tested-and-true of what you know is a good fit for your skin. “Try the facial two months before your wedding to see how your skin reacts, then come back one to two weeks before the event,” says Yoko. “You don’t want to try something new right before the wedding.” This is to avoid any adverse reactions your skin might have or unnecessary breakouts. “When your skin is trying to detoxify breakouts can happen, it’s part of the detoxifying process,” says Yoko. Last-minute pimples? No thanks.

IMG_7988-e1469129531319[Me pre-facial, lounging in the waiting area]

Find Out What Your Skin Needs
My skin is oily but dehydrated so Yoko really tailored the facial to my specific skin needs by using a few Clarins boosters in the treatment to give me a complete customized experience for my skin. She seriously exfoliated my skin and décolleté with glycolic acid and then used three machines on my skin. I’ve had countless facials but I’ve never tried any of the machines she used on me so I was eager to get started. The first machine was light therapy, a somewhat scary-looking mask that uses blue light to calm the skin and red light to stimulate collagen production (this treatment is currently trending with celebrities, see Jessica Alba below). The mask might look scary but it was actually completely pain-free.

Emergency session w @shanidarden 😱 before work today

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Next was the wave machine which vibrates to stimulate circulation and drains toxins from your lymph nodes for a slimming effect (umm yes please). The vibrating is pretty intense but it felt relaxing and I could almost feel the toxins just slipping away. Lastly was cryotherapy, a very cold flat surface that moves over the face and neck to stimulate the skin cells and close your pores. It worked wonders on my dark circles and puffiness and also helped close my pores after my extractions.

Have the Right At-Home Treatments for the Night Before
Make sure your bathroom is fully stocked with at-home essentials to get your glow on right before your wedding day. Yoko recommends exfoliating your skin then applying a brightening or hydrating mask the night before. “Follow that up with a hydrating serum and then a moisturizer.” As for the day of, she advises sticking to your usual skincare routine and then smoothing on a radiance boosting primer or beauty balm for instant luminosity before applying your makeup. (I love Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer).

FullSizeRender9-1115x1400[I wanted to spend forever basking in this vitality pool]

Stay Away From Extractions or Popping Blemishes
I mean, we’ve all heard a million times not to pick and squeeze pimples, but that advice rings especially true before your wedding. Yoko advises sticking with a calming, hydrating facial two weeks before your wedding with no extractions. Extractions are where the esthetician removes blackheads and whiteheads. If you go for a typical facial outside of wedding prep, extractions are fine to get done as they help clear up congestion, but it’s best to avoid them to minimize irritation and breakouts pre-wedding. Just mention to your facialist that you are tying the knot soon and talk to them about whether you should skip the extractions.

FullSizeRender10-1200x1195[My facial at the Clarins My Blend Spa included infusing my treatment with a few of the brand’s customized boosters like Redness Rescue, Vitamin Power and Invisible Pore]

Monitor Your Diet
You are what you eat, or at least your skin shows signs of what you’ve been eating. Yoko has a few dietary tips for a clear, smooth complexion. “[If you have] oily skin or are prone to breakouts stay away from oily foods and spicy foods as they can cause [blemishes].” Load up on vitamin-rich fruit and veggies to get that glow from the inside out and don’t forget to drink tons of water.

IMG_7989-e1469129492471-1050x1400[Until next time—peace!]