Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller

Flower power: Beauty’s Latest Trend is an Ode to a Rose

The flower that’s synonymous with Valentine’s Day—and, for better or worse, The Bachelor—is having a moment as a key ingredient and a colour muse. Throughout its long existence, the rose has been separated into its parts and liquefied, made into essential oil and otherwise processed and distilled for a wide array of benefits, from anti-inflammation to anti-aging, hydration and skin repair. But while the rose’s role as a power player on your beauty shelf is nothing new, the ways that some brands are tipping their hats to the hard-working flower is. So it’s worth giving the popular (#basic) bloom a fresh look.


Korres’ Wild Rose line is a personal favourite, and the simple yet effective two-step Vitamin C Petal Peel not only produces instant radiance but smells, as advertised, like roses. The peel, which goes on first, has the consistency of marmalade. After applying a thin layer on my clean face and letting it dry for 30 seconds, I followed with the luxurious mauve-pink cream and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Once I rinsed it off, my skin felt super moisturized and looked brighter. As a Monday or end-of-week pick-me-up, the Korres peel is a gift.


Deborah Lippmann’s Bed of Roses (h/t to Bon Jovi) nail polish collection includes pinky plum and petal shades that are nowhere near garish bubblegum or expected rose-red. Trail of Petals, which sits midway through the new six-shade collection, is the perfect choice for someone like me who isn’t much of a pink lady.

The best-selling Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum by Kat Burki harnesses the brand’s beloved coldpress technique—which prevents the ingredients from losing potency—and acts like a shot of espresso for your skin. Thanks to the rose hip seed oil and vitamin C, this green tube contains an antioxidant powerhouse that reduces wrinkles, repairs inflammation and supports strong collagen. And it’s not your average serum when it comes to consistency: After I warm the product between my hands, it turns into a cross between a foam and a low-key lather and produces a slight tingle when applied. (That’s how I know it’s working!)


While I’m skeptical of any product that promises plumping, since I find that they tend to sacrifice hydration and I’m fairly happy with my pout as is, Guerlain’s KissKiss Lip Balm in Chic Pink shatters all my expectations. The tinted balm infused with essential rose oil is mega moisturizing, lightweight and offers a hint of colour. And the white lacquer lipstick case is très chic indeed.