Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch

Beauty Hack: Four Makeup Wipe Hacks You Hadn’t Thought Of

My life basically runs on makeup wipes. Between touch-ups during long days at the office, swiping them over my makeup-filled face after a late night out and using them to look presentable (and sweat-free) after a workout, wipes have become one of my must-haves to reach for on the regular. Seriously, what did people do before these magic makers hit the market? I thought I knew all the uses for my precious makeup wipes until I sat down with celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson. Since he jetsets around the globe primping the likes of Nicole Richie and Gigi Hadid, I couldn’t wait to hear the different ways he uses wipes when he’s in a pinch. His go-to pick? Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths. They’re a staple in his kit since they’re super gentle on skin and don’t leave a sticky or greasy residue. Here are a few of his fave ways of using the skincare staple.


Hack #1: Brush Cleanser
“They’re textured so that makes it easy for you to lay them out on a table to clean your brushes, which is great,” says Nelson. Since they’re odorless and non-greasy, they won’t leave your brushes with a funky smell or with a weird film on the bristles. I love that this is super easy for on-the-go cleansing when you don’t have time to give your brushes the full shampoo, rinse, repeat treatment.

Hack #2: Body Refresh
I’ve been doing this one a few times a day since summer hit. When you’re feeling a little grimy in the heat, run a wipe over your underarms and reapply your deodorant for an instant cooling effect. I also love wiping down the back of my neck and lower back after coming inside from a walk, so I feel clean and refreshed. I’m sure my podmate appreciates not smelling my B.O. after hitting the hot pavement to grab my lunch.

Hack #3: Makeup Touch-ups
Does your concealer get crepey by the end of the day? (This is the story of my life every day after, like, noon.) If you want to smooth out your makeup a bit, often a wipe will take everything off and you have to start from scratch. “Wipes will leave a demarcation line because they’re so oily, but Cetaphil wipes don’t,” says Nelson. “You can just blend it right into your makeup.” I’ve been doing this regularly since he told me this tip, and it really works. It’s like a mini pick-me-up for under my eyes, which my 3 p.m. face really needs.


Hack #4: Travel Essential
OK, so maybe you have thought of this one, but that doesn’t make it any less essential.”You need these for travel, they don’t leave a residue and they actually feel nice on your skin,” says Nelson. I don’t know about you, but I like to avoid trying to bend down to rinse my face with the icky water on the plane. Plus, they’re great to have on hand to give your tray table and hands a quick wipedown if you make a mess when snacking.