Maddy Roda
Madeline Roda

How I’m keeping my skin fresh and clean after a workout

As someone who likes to wear makeup to the gym, I have gotten into a post-workout habit of cleansing my skin to avoid any bacteria from entering and clogging my pores. I like to use Korres Pomegranate Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes and Korres Wild Rose Brightening & Refinishing Buff Cleanser. I prefer to start with the wipes as they do a great job of removing any makeup and sweat from my skin. I love their aroma, it comes from the fresh pomegranate, which helps to tone and nourish. The wipes also contain Vitamin E that moisturizes and softens my skin. My face always feels clean and hydrated after using them. They are oil free as well so there is no greasy residue left behind.


After using the wipes, I like to gently exfoliate my face to help remove any build up of dead skin and promote cell turn over. The brightening and refinishing buff cleanser exfoliates with rice grain, cherry stone and sugar, leaving my skin feeling light and fresh. It has a creamy consistency, which does a great job of softening skin as well. The vitamin C helps brighten while the wild rose oil helps to soothe. After this combo, my face is radiant, glowing and smells sweet like summer.