Amil Niazi
Amil Niazi

Honey is changing my life this winter

No doubt you have some honey hidden in your cupboards, a last-minute replacement for sugar in your tea or coffee. Maybe it’s in the shape of a cute little bear or maybe it’s some fancy wildflower, raw-type that costs more than you like to remember. Honey is a great sweetener alternative but did you know it’s also amazing as a facial treatment?

A powerful antimicrobial, honey does wonders for zapping zits and as a humectant it also moisturizes skin. Here are some quick DIY ways to I use honey to revive my skincare routine.


Use a dollop of honey to cleanse your face in the morning. Honey will help soften and clean the skin without stripping it of vital oils. It’s a little sticky yes but it’s a sweet way to start the day.

Honey is a great mask on its own but also a wonderful thing to add to your homemade or premade masks. Yogurt and honey is a powerful exfoliator.

Don’t want to slop honey on your face but still want its skincare boost in your routine? Try products that have honey in their arsenal like Guerlain Abeille Royale Honey Nectar Lotion and Nuxe Face Cleansing and Make-up Removing Gel.