Maddy Roda
Madeline Roda

How I Deal with Selfie Lighting

In the age of Instagram, I’ve found that the most important part of taking a selfie is the lighting. The way light is reflected off skin can change a face from looking dull and tired, to bright and refreshed. One of my secrets for working with selfie lighting and giving my skin that soft glow is through the makeup I wear.

Here’s what I’m using to get myself selfie ready:


Step 1: Starting with a fresh and clean face, I take about a quarter-sized amount of Physicians Formula Super BB #InstaReady Beauty Balm BB Cream and dab it all over my face and neck. As I gently rub it into my skin, I notice that it evens out my skin tone and minimizes the size of my pores. It looks smooth and has a matte finish as well. My favourite part of taking a selfie with this cream is that it does an incredible job of reflecting and diffusing light. It also has particles in it that absorb oil, which is great if you have oily skin like me!

Step 2: Once the foundation has set, I use Physicians Formula Super BB #InstaReady Filter Trio BB Powder. I love this powder because it gives you three different options to re-texturize your skin: #NudeFilter, #HealthyGlow, and #Sunset. The #NudeFilter captures light and gives skin a soft, luminous, glow. The #HealthyGlow powder diffuses light and gives skin a brighter look, and the #Sunset powder gives it a warm glow. I like to dust my skin with the #Sunset powder and highlight my cheeks, nasal bone, and forehead with #Healthyglow. My face looks naturally airbrushed and feels silky and soft too; no insta edits needed!