Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller

I tried all the face wipes so you don’t have to

Remember a time before face wipes? Me neither! I like to use these handy little helpers at the end of my nightly cleansing routine to make sure my face is as grime-free as possible…or use them on their own after an evening out when I can’t commit to a multi-step process. (We’ve all been there.)

But I’ve had to try a dozen different wipes to track down the few that actually remove my makeup without leaving a weird residue and don’t irritate my skin so that it feels like it’s just been licked clean by a cat’s tongue. Even being late-night lazy has its limits.

I’m especially partial to Simple’s Kind to Skin Facial Wipes because they’re just that; sweet to my skin because they’re free of artificial perfume, colour, alcohol and oils. These wipes are the bee’s knees and actually remove ALL my mascara (which is typically several layers thick with varying degrees of staying power) and even my cherry-red pout with one cloth!

When Bioderma Sensibio H20 Dermatological Wipes finally came to Canada a few years ago, I was a very happy girl. Finally, a convenient way to harness the cult brand’s makeup removing powers in my favourite format. Also, ScarJo uses ‘em so I’m in good company.

The fresh smell of Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes is a key selling point for me since I live a distinctly scented life; from candles to hand creams and various body oils, I am keenly attuned to fragrance. And because the scent never strays into the potently artificial, Aveeno’s wipes give me just a whiff of the spa as I drift to sleep, with a clean face.