Jennie Pearson
Jennie Pearson

My Detox Tool Kit for Fresh Fall Skin

The summer heat has finally come to a full stop and I couldn’t be happier; my skin, on the other hand, is down in the dumps. After rocking out at my last festival of the season, my face was left feeling dry and grimy with unwanted spots. While I always go for products that are gentle and made with natural ingredients, this month I’m really upping my game. Here’s my skin detox tool kit that will leave my skin refreshed and ready for fall.

Squeaky clean, jellybean
The key to fresh, glowing skin is keeping it clean. I like to switch up my cleanser on the reg, depending on my trouble areas. Lately, after removing my makeup with micellar water and cleansing oil, I lather up with Skin Authority Moisturizing Cream Cleanser. The thick, creamy formula is made from ivy extract, aloe and avocado oil, so it helps calm and smooth my skin as it cleanses. This stuff is super gentle and doesn’t leave my face stinging or feeling dry, but it still does an ah-mazing job of clearing out dirt and acne.


Long days spent in the great outdoors can do wonders for the soul, but your skin can sometimes suffer. Dirt, sand and bug repellent build up on your face, making you feel like you’re wearing an extra layer of skin. I like to exfoliate a couple of times a week to scrub off grime and flaky skin. Live Clean’s Fresh Face Smoothing Facial Scrub comes in an adorable travel kit and gives my skin a gentle polish using finely ground corn cob. I love that this scrub is made with plant-based ingredients, like orchid extract to lock in moisture and cucumber and lavender to calm my worn-out skin.


Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
Even when the temperature starts to cool down, hydration is crucial for fresh, glow-from-within skin. On top of drinking a ton of water each day, I’m religious about using facial mists and moisturizing. After cleansing and scrubbing, I spritz on my homemade apple cider vinegar facial toner (made from raw apple cider vinegar and water) to balance the natural pH of my skin. It also helps clear acne and keeps my pores open. It may seem weird at first to put vinegar on your face, but trust me, once you get used to the smell, this stuff is a real game changer.


I follow that with Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Microrenewal Facial Mist. This milky combination of castor oil, fruit and flower extracts hydrates my skin and leaves a dewy glow. You can also toss this lil’ gem in your bag for a quick refresher throughout the day.

After a long day in the sun, or even just sitting at my desk, nothing feels better than climbing into bed with my skin slathered in moisturizer. I have combination to dry skin, so at night, I get a bit hot and heavy with my moisturizer. My go-to when keeping things as natural as possible? Organic coconut oil. It’s anti-fungal, smells amazing and works wonders on dry skin. If you have excess oil or are prone to breakouts, you may want to try a very light layer, or combine a small amount with your regular moisturizer for a glowy finish.