Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch

The Face Spray That’s Saving my Skin This Winter

My skin is a complicated beast at the best of times and in the winter it’s actually the worst. Between the frigid winds outside and drying heat indoors (worst), my face doesn’t know if it’s supposed to pump out more oil or cling to every last bit of moisture in my pores. Lately I’ve been noticing that at work my skin has been especially parched and I’m thinking the extra-dry air at my desk is thanks to getting blasted by indoor heating. By the end of the day my skin is looking like a hot mess, but more mess and less hot.


Enter: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. This nifty little face spray is an actual miracle worker, not to mention an ace multi-tasker. It’s a desktop must-have, sitting pretty next to my other essentials that get me through the day (hand cream and lip balm). I use it every few hours between 9-5, just a few spritzes now and again to refresh and boost my skin’s moisture levels. Packed with electrolytes, I envision it rehydrating my skin just like an energy drink quenches thirst after spin class. It’s also free of alcohol (too drying) and silicone (which leaves a residue) for a fresh mist that feels invisible on the skin. Added bonus: I love using it before my skincare regimen in the morning. Instead of applying it like a typical primer (after skincare, before makeup), I spritz it over my face post-cleansing so my skin is a bit damp then I apply my daily serum and moisturizer which act like a barrier, sealing in that extra hydration. I’ll probably be 10 bottles deep before winter ends, but this gem is making the cold weather slightly more bearable for my skin.