Nicole Keen
Nicole Keen

The Skincare Product That Changed My Shower Routine Forever

I’m deeply in love with Jergens’s Moisturizer for Wet Skin. I’ll sing its praises to anyone who’ll listen (and if you’re lucky I might even throw in some interpretive dance moves).

Applying body lotion hasn’t always been part of my daily routine (I know, I know, I’ll take the shame). The truth is, I hate having greasy hands and slippery limbs, and I hate waiting for oily creams to dry before I can get dressed. That’s where this life-changing moisturizer comes in.

It slides on over wet skin like a dream, and best of all, there’s no rinsing required! I just towel off as usual, and I’m ready to hit the ground running. There’s no greasy residue, no wait time and no extra aggravation. My skin feels silky smooth and smells faintly tropical (thanks to the coconut oil). Moisturized skin straight out of the shower? Genius.