Emily Smibert
Emily Smibert

My Top Picks for Sensitive Skin

Growing up, I never understood the difference between skin types or the stresses of acne. People told me I great skin, but I couldn’t see it because even though I didn’t suffer outwardly the way many of my peers did, my skin hurt. I’d have the odd red patch around my nose, but I’d always brush it off as dry skin and overcompensate with moisturizers.

Five minutes at the skin analysis centre in a Shoppers Drug Mart beautyBOUTIQUE three years ago changed everything. Using the beautyRx tool, the technician analyzed my skin and got to the crux of the problem: My skin wasn’t actually dry, it was sensitive.

Right then, I established a whole new beauty regimen with the help of the beauty consultant, and I have had amazing results ever since. There have been a few variations as products changed and skincare innovations progressed, but these are three products that won’t be leaving my vanity anytime soon.

Nuxe Micellar Foam Cleanser with Rose Petals
It was love at first pump with this rose-infused foaming cleanser. Its frothy formula creates a gentle lather when applied to dampened skin. Depending on how my skin is feeling, I’ll massage it in using a circular motion with my fingers or use my Clarisonic. After rinsing with warm water, my skin feels smoother, refreshed and clean, and my pores appear smaller.

sensitive skin- smibert 2

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel
I’ve tried many moisturizers over the years, and this is my favourite. It is slightly citrus-scented, and because of its light, creamy texture, it leaves my skin soft and glowing. Plus, it’s the perfect makeup base.

sensitive skin 3- smibert

Orlane Bio-Mimic Hydrating Masque
This super rich, moisture-packed thick face masque is more than an intense moisturizer. I like to apply a nickel-sized dab to my face and massage it into my skin at night once or twice a week. After it has been left on for a few minutes, I apply a night cream or moisturizer to remove the residue. My skin always feels supple, smooth and hydrated afterwards, and I love its floral scent.

Now that you’ve seen what’s on my beauty shelf, what are your favourite products for sensitive skin?