Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller

Here’s why I’m digging the fermented beauty trend

I don’t really get tea. In the mornings, I am only interested in hot black coffee puffing little steam clouds from an oversized mug or cardboard cup. The smell is comforting, familiar and bold; everything that tea, to me, isn’t.

But I fully recognize that tea is powerful in other ways, namely that certain varieties are packed with antioxidants that are hugely beneficial to my overall health. And the latest buzz on tea makes a stronger case for the stuff: it’s all about the power of kombucha.

That’s the name of the fermented, sweetened black or green tea substance that can be made at home using SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, thankyouverymuch) or, since that’s never going to happen in my kitchen, purchased as a fizzy bottled beverage rife with therapeutic benefits. And get this—when dried, kombucha takes on a leather-like consistency and has been used as a fabric of sorts in conceptual designs to make sustainable jewellery and clothing. Edible earrings anyone?

The unsightly tea fungus that I encountered researching kombucha don’t exactly scream beauty product but popular French brand Vichy’s new face cream has made the fermented goo, specifically Ceylon black tea, its star ingredient. Can sauerkraut and kimchi facials be far behind?

Vichy Idealia Day Care comes full of a specific combo of AHA thanks to the kombucha, probiotics and vitamins to fight early signs of aging…like those insidious fine lines around the eyes. (Worst.) The fermentation process also adds to an ingredient’s potency and since most fermented products are naturally acidic, they double as an exfoliator.
So I get it, what has coffee done for me lately? So while I’m not quite ready to replace my mug with a cuppa, I’ll happily wear it on my face.