Nicole Keen
Nicole Keen

Why I’m joining the micellar water fan club

It’s no secret that French women know what’s up when it comes to beauty products, and micellar water has been a big thing across the pond for years now. Closer to home, it’s become a staple for makeup artists and beauty insiders. Needless to say, I feel like I’m a bit late to the micellar water party, but better late than never right? Besides, I may have taken a while to succumb to its charms, but when I fell, I fell hard.


One of micellar water’s biggest selling points? You don’t have to rinse it off (which my inner lazy girl loves). That being said, on a day when I’m feeling particularly grimy I’ll cleanse with micellar water as soon as I get home and then use my regular cleanser right before bed. Also, call me crazy, but seeing all the dirt and makeup that comes off on the cotton pad is incredibly satisfying (I guess it’s kind of similar to the twisted pleasure of examining a blackhead forest on a Bioré pore strip!). And even though micellar water gives you a thorough clean, it doesn’t strip your skin of moisture, a fact that’s particularly important at this time of year when my poor face is feeling weather-ravaged.

If a product can multi-task, it definitely makes me love it even more: and Vichy’s Pureté Thermale 3 in 1 can be used to cleanse the face and eyes. I’m personally excited about this because I hate the oily residue that’s left behind by most of the other eye makeup removers I’ve tried. It’s also great because it means one less product to pack when you’re travelling, and who doesn’t want a little more room in the ol’suitcase?!