Alicia Phan
Alicia Phan

My New Go-to Eye Look that Enhances my Monolids

My monolids have been a struggle and an insecurity of mine ever since I first started playing with makeup. Monolids are eyelids that have no visible crease or a line under the brows. Monolid eyes are usually eyelids with a flat service. My eyelids in particular are heavy hooded monolids. Watching many YouTube tutorials and beauty bloggers, I have yet to conquer a regular smoky eye or a dramatic cut crease.

But I found an eye look that suits me. Looking at Asian models and actresses, I’ve noticed this new trend of applying eye shadow; it’s a reverse ombré affect. YouTube beauty bloggers have been experimenting with it and so have I! The results are surprising. This look can be completed with three easy steps.


The palette I’m using is the Smashbox Cover Shot: Golden Hour eye palette. This palette was in collaboration with Shay Mitchell and Golden Hour is one out of the seven eye shadow palettes that Smashbox came out with.

Step 1: After putting eye shadow primer all over the lids, I’m going to take Hero and pat it all over my eyelids. This will not only create a base for the other shadows but it will also brighten my entire lid.

Step 2: Then taking the colour Lights, I’m going to apply a medium shimmer shadow to my lids while making sure it’s blended in with the base colour. I’m treating this like a transition colour from light to dark; this will accentuate the ombré affect as well as giving me a faux crease.

Step 3: For the final step, I’ve decided to make the shade, Turned On as my statement colour and place it the closest to my lashes.


Bonus Step: I finished the look with eyeliner and added my favourite mascara. I personally love Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara because with my Asian droopy straight lashes, it’s only mascara that keeps them lifted the whole day.

The important thing is to always choose your statement (darkest) colour first and you can make a fun daytime or nighttime look depending on which colours you choose.